Everyone Will Leave Georgia Just To See This Beautiful Border Crossing

Border crossings are usually designed to suck your soul while you wait in endless lines for a customs agent to approve or cancel your travel plans. But if your journeys have you crossing between Georgia and Armenia in the near future, you'll be treated to this amazing architectural wonder at the border. » 7/30/12 12:40pm 7/30/12 12:40pm

HTC One X and Evo 4G LTE Finally Clear Customs

Earlier this month, HTC announced that its stock of HTC One X and Evo 4G LTE handsets were indefinitely delayed at US Customs for investigation of an Apple patent infringement. If you're still desperate to get hold of one, good news: they've been cleared to pass through and go on sale. » 5/30/12 3:45am 5/30/12 3:45am

ACLU Mounts Lawsuit Against Baseless Border Laptop Searches

For the last two years, the Department of Homeland Security has claimed the right to seize and search your laptop on nothing more than a whim. Today, the ACLU and others have brought a lawsuit fixing to change that. » 9/07/10 3:20pm 9/07/10 3:20pm

Homeland Security: We Can Still Search Your Laptop, But We'll be Nicer…

Your laptop, mobile phone or camera can still be seized at the U.S border without suspicion of wrongdoing, but new guidelines require border protection and customs to take a maximum of 5 and 30 days each to complete searches. » 8/28/09 4:30am 8/28/09 4:30am