Seeing Random Objects Get Cut in Half with a Powerful Waterjet Cutter Is Always Fun

Do you know what you learn when you see totally random objects like a shoe or an airsoft gun or a golf club or a computer speaker get cut in half by a powerful waterjet cutter? That there’s a lot of space in these things. Just big hollow areas next to the parts of the object that actually do something. The other thing…

Interesting Video Breaks Down the Different Kinds of Film Cuts Used in Movies

RocketJump Film School put together this really great video that shows us the different kinds of cuts and transitions that filmmakers use in their movies. By showing examples from both classic and modern movies, we get to see the tricks they employ. Cutting on action, cutting away, cross cutting back and forth, jump…

Why it is so incredibly important to slice steaks against the grain

You can have the perfect cut of steak that’s been cooked to the perfect temperature and grilled to the perfect texture and yet still ruin it by not cutting the meat against the grain. Seriously, slicing a steak against the grain makes it so much more tender and delicious that you’d be a fool not to do it that way.