Why it is so incredibly important to slice steaks against the grain

You can have the perfect cut of steak that’s been cooked to the perfect temperature and grilled to the perfect texture and yet still ruin it by not cutting the meat against the grain. Seriously, slicing a steak against the grain makes it so much more tender and delicious that you’d be a fool not to do it that way. »8/11/15 8:59pm8/11/15 8:59pm


Almost A Dealzmodo: Iriver Drops Prices on New MP3 Players

Always classy, always feature-packed, and usually too expensive PMP manufacturer Iriver is dropping prices on their current lineup starting today. We already covered »11/01/08 10:00am11/01/08 10:00am the Spinn's $50 price drop, to $190 and $230 for 4GB and 8GB capacities, and the more entry-level E100 and Lplayer drop $40, down to $70 and $100 for…

Dear iPhone Users, We Somehow Still Don't Know that You Want Cut and Paste

AT&T is circulating a survey among some of its longer-term iPhone users with a checklist of features they'd like to see. It's a follow-up to a similar survey a few months back, and apparently also serves to judge reactions to the 2.1 firmware. Some of the most regular complaints make the list, including picture… »10/25/08 9:00pm10/25/08 9:00pm

Pending iPhone App MagicPad Demos Cut and Paste Implementation

This video walkthrough of MagicPad, a rich text editor app that is still pending acceptance into the App Store, is notable for showing the first working copy and paste framework on the iPhone (at the 1:00 mark). Of course, SDK limitations keep the functionality quarantined within MagicPad itself, but its developers,… »7/28/08 4:23pm7/28/08 4:23pm

Unconfirmed: Retailer Says Xbox 360 Getting Price Cut August 8

This is all unconfirmed for now, but a retailer is saying the Xbox 360 will get a $50 price cut come August 8. We haven't seen any pricing rumors since E3, where everyone thought the 360 was going to lower its price to match the PS3's "price cut," but that didn't happen. Peter Moore told us that they knew the PS3 was… »7/25/07 2:20pm7/25/07 2:20pm

Apple to hold NAB Special Event: Excited Fans to be Disappointed - Probably

Apple is using the NAB show in Vegas next month to make an announcement, but don't get your knickers in too much of a twist about it, say our Bothan spies in the company. The Cupertino company is taking to the floor on Sunday April 15, and there is no new hardware on offer, just new versions of the Pro media… »3/02/07 6:00am3/02/07 6:00am