How to Cut the Cord and Ditch Cable Once and For All

The imminent merger between Time Warner Cable and Comcast heralds the start of a new era: one of even more expensive channel bundles, and even longer waits for service. It's time to make like a rat and get the heck off this sinking ship of cable television. Here's how you can keep watching your favorite shows without… » 2/15/14 1:04pm 2/15/14 1:04pm

Belkin Wireless USB Adapters Forthcoming, Wireless Future Ahead

Here's the world's first pair of wireless USB adapters, the model F5U035 from Belkin that can either communicate with each other for PC-to-PC transfers, or each can act as a link to a wireless USB hub. Or, anywhere you might have a USB cable, these two devices could communicate with each other and eliminate all that… » 7/18/07 12:25pm 7/18/07 12:25pm

Alereon to Kick Wireless USB Ass Worldwide

Alereon is a Texas chipmaker that's talking big, saying it's come up with a little processor that cranks out ultra wideband (UWB) goodness in frequencies that can be used the world over. That means wireless USB using the chip's ultra-wide band frequencies might just be able to operate at speeds equivalent to USB 2.0.… » 6/19/07 8:51am 6/19/07 8:51am