OpenIt Promises to Shred Evil Plastic Shell Packaging

The days of cut hands and busted scissors at the hands of the ubiquitous no-one's-getting-the-merchandise-locked-inside-this-sarcophagus plastic anti-theft packaging might be at end courtesy of OpenIt, which are like short pruning shears with orange plier handles, allowing you to cut your way through the shell by… » 10/04/07 10:30pm 10/04/07 10:30pm

iSlice Opens Packages Like Scissors, Box Cutters

Similar to the OpenX package cutters—which don't actually work very well at all—the iSlice is supposed to make opening blister packs and shrink-wrap much easier than with regular scissors. It's true that CDs, DVDs and all the blister-pack packaging are a bitch to open, but we've usually had decent luck with just a… » 4/04/07 9:10pm 4/04/07 9:10pm