This awesome space mech is the next user-designed official Lego set

Behold, the ​newest user-created official Lego set, voted by thousands of users around the world as part of Lego's Cuusoo initiative. This Lego Space Exo Suit is a really beautiful and fun design by Peter Reid, one of the authors of the great book ​Lego Space: Building the Future. »10/23/13 3:26pm10/23/13 3:26pm


Track Your Travels on a Solid-Lego Map of the World

Even if you haven't seen one in person, you're probably at least familiar with the concept of a scratch-off world map—it hangs on the wall, you scratch off each country as you visit it, etc. But Lego Cuusoo user TPNK came up with a brilliant, far more tactile version made entirely out of—you guessed it—Lego pieces. »7/29/13 4:26pm7/29/13 4:26pm