CVT i3101 iPhone Dock Doesn't Need Your Stinkin' iPhone

The CVT i3101 is not so different than the countless other iPhone/iPod alarm clocks we've seen on the market, but it does have a few standout features. First off, it's wall-mountable, saving you ever-precious nightstand space and giving your home that "wow, I have electronics stuck to my wall just like Tony Stark!" feel. … » 8/25/08 10:30am 8/25/08 10:30am

Bike by Ellsworth, Transmission by Leonardo da Vinci

Bicycle transmissions have clearly caught up with those of cars. We've already seen automatic transmission bikes by Shimano and others—and now there's a continuously variable transmission (CVT) in this Ellsworth bicycle that works in a similar way to our Honda Civic Hybrid. » 3/27/07 1:45pm 3/27/07 1:45pm