Japan's Cyber Gadget Game Suppli Vitamin Supplements Are Taken Orally, Not Injected Buttockally

These Japanese Game Suppli vitamins come in two varieties, "Blue Berry", which refreshes you after a gaming session, and DHA, which boosts your attention during a session. It's not quite as crazy as eyedrops, which incapacitated Matt for a good ten minutes. There's only one other nation, Korea, that could combine the… »4/07/08 5:45pm4/07/08 5:45pm


Wireless Sensor Bar from CYBER Gadget Tells You Just How Much Time You're Wasting on Wii

For all of you whose Wii sensor bar has broken (are you listening, J. Diaz?) CYBER Gadget's wireless version has the added benefit of a clock tacked onto it. It's also looks good—it's been so long since we had a Wii session that I can't remember what the original looked like, but the words "prehistoric" and… »2/20/08 7:08am2/20/08 7:08am