A New Government Agency Will Fight Digital Terrorism

In the wake of the Sony Pictures hack the Obama administration is to establish a new government agency which will "combat the deepening threat from cyberattacks," according to the Washington Post. » 2/10/15 5:28am 2/10/15 5:28am

Short: Tech company invents android data couriers to fight cyber-attacks

Hasraf Dulull is a master of digital visual effects with an uncanny vision of our near future: A tech company creates an army of badass android data couriers to fight against cyber-terrorism. » 10/29/14 10:13pm 10/29/14 10:13pm

Colbert: Beware of iPad-Toting Orangutan Cyber-Terrorists

The simplicity of the iPad means the potential for unlikely users such as babies, or even orangutans. But are monkeys really our friends? » 6/14/12 3:40pm 6/14/12 3:40pm

Fake Cyber Terrorist Attack Will Get Real Government Response Next Week

Next week, for the first time, the public will be able to see how our government might respond to a full-fledged act of cyber terrorism, in a simulation that will include top intelligence and security officials. » 2/11/10 10:20pm 2/11/10 10:20pm

US Military Wasted Millions on Fake Hardware, Sparking Cyber-Terrorism…

The U.S. Military has spent millions of dollars on counterfeit computer components over the years, according to an FBI report. This not only screws over businesses, but it also makes it easier for cyber-terrorists to hack into our systems by putting trojans and viruses in fake circuitry. An anti-counterfeit initiative… » 5/10/08 3:00pm 5/10/08 3:00pm