CSI:Cyber and the Sexy, Spooky Killer Hacker Printer Fire 

One good thing about CSI:Cyber is that you never have to wonder what an episode will be about because someone will very plainly state exactly what the episode is about within the first 10 minutes. » 3/26/15 2:20pm Thursday 2:20pm

CISA Bill Promises Safety, But Actually Expands Government Surveillance

Remember when everyone freaked about CISPA, the cybersecurity bill with scary privacy implications? CISA, a similarly-named cybersecurity bill, is here to take its place. Even after adding fifteen amendments, the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act is a dangerous piece of legislation. » 3/20/15 7:35pm 3/20/15 7:35pm

CSI Cyber: Just Your Basic Gore Porn Forum Rollercoaster Slaughter 

Hello my CyberHeads! Who wants to go to Six Flags? Not me. This episode has instilled a very deep and likely wholly unreasonable fear of Hacked Rollercoaster Murder in my heart. » 3/12/15 4:20pm 3/12/15 4:20pm

Bank Security Is So Bad That a Simple Phishing Scam Can Cost $1 Billion

In potentially the largest bank heist on record, an Eastern European hacker ring is stealing an estimated $1 billion from banks by infecting computers with malware and siphoning money. But how the hackers infiltrated these banks speaks to a much bigger problem: The current security standards (or lack thereof) at… » 2/16/15 5:35pm 2/16/15 5:35pm

How the Silk Road Trial Could Lead to a Dangerous Legal Precedent

The Silk Road trial is over. A jury found Ross Ulbricht guilty on all seven charges, including money laundering, drug trafficking, and the "kingpin" charge. That's not just bad news for Ulbricht, who faces life in prison. His trial could help establish a dangerous precedent, which could allow law enforcement to… » 2/06/15 2:55pm 2/06/15 2:55pm

Oh, Good: Revenge Porn Kingpin Is Going to Jail 

Kevin Bollaert, a 28-year-old San Diego revenge porn website operator, gained notoriety by hosting a website to post embarrassing or sexually explicit images of men's former romantic partners on a now-defunct website called UGotPosted. Bollaert set up a second website, ChangeMyReputation, and charged people (by and… » 2/03/15 2:25pm 2/03/15 2:25pm

Report: A Flaw In Visa's Contactless Card Lets Anyone Charge It $999,999

Contactless credit cards are a hit in the UK. But a British research team has revealed a serious security flaw that allows anyone to charge up to $999,999.99 in foreign currency to a nearby card, even while it's still in a wallet or purse. » 11/03/14 9:55am 11/03/14 9:55am

Cybercriminals Are Using Cloud Storage to Hoard Stolen Files

Cybercriminals: They're just like us! At least, their choice of cloud storage isn't so far off from your average non-despicable data thief. Instead of using dedicated servers to hoard stolen data, hackers have taken to using popular consumer products like Google Drive and Dropbox. » 10/22/14 4:24pm 10/22/14 4:24pm

Russian Hackers Are Hoarding More Than a Billion Stolen Passwords

A Russian crime gang is in possession the largest known collection of stolen passwords, user names, email addresses, and other online credentials. That's one of the worst collections a Russian crime gang can have other than, I don't know, rocket launchers and dirty bombs. » 8/05/14 5:12pm 8/05/14 5:12pm

The FBI Is Struggling to Hire Hackers Who Don't Smoke Weed (Updated)

The FBI has a problem. The agency needs to hire hackers to build out its cyber crime division, but it also will not hire anyone who's smoked weed in the past three years. And guess what? A lot of hackers like to smoke weed. » 5/20/14 4:40pm 5/20/14 4:40pm

The FBI Just Issued Wanted Posters for 5 Chinese Army Officers

In case you need more reasons to worry about escalating tensions between the US and China, the FBI is now circulating Wanted posters for five officers of the People's Liberation Army. This isn't just a fun let's-see-what-happens exercise. These guys have been charged with some serious cyber crimes. » 5/19/14 11:30am 5/19/14 11:30am

$1 Million Heist Reminds Us That Bitcoin Is Neither Safe nor Secure

Let's play a little game called Good Idea/Bad Idea. Round One: Saving money. That's a good idea! Round two: Saving thousands of dollars in a Bitcoin wallet that's highly susceptible to hackers and heists. As the customers of Bitcoin payment processor BIPS will tell you, that's a bad idea. » 11/25/13 1:40pm 11/25/13 1:40pm

Microsoft and Symantec Just Busted a Major Cyber Crime Ring

It sounds like the plot of a movie: two major software corporations join together to shut down an evil global cyber crime operation and engage in wacky hijinks along the way. While the latter can be neither confirmed nor denied, according to an exclusive report by Reuters, Microsoft and Symantec did shut down servers… » 2/06/13 4:14pm 2/06/13 4:14pm

Credit Card Conman Forced Gang Members to Have Sex to Weed Out…

The mastermind of a carding gang in Georgia devised a novel way for weeding out undercover Feds from his operation – he forced members to have group sex, according to a local police detective who helped bust the ring. » 1/31/12 4:40pm 1/31/12 4:40pm

California Is the Future of Cyber Crime Fighters

California: land of sunshine, Stanford, and start-ups, right? The state also apparently has the third-highest number of identity theft complaints per capita. But worry not Californians, an unprecedented new team of Blade Runner-like cyber investigators will protect you. » 12/14/11 1:20pm 12/14/11 1:20pm

Real-Life Crime Victims Are Also More Likely to Be Victims of Online…

Norton put out a study on cybercrime, deducing that people who fall victim to acts of real-worl crime, such as burglary or robbery, are also more likely to have their identity stolen or fall victim to a phishing scheme. » 9/09/11 11:33am 9/09/11 11:33am

Why Won't Russia Bust Its Hackers?

In November, 2009, U.S. authorities identified BadB, one of the internet's most ingenious financial criminals, as 27-year-old Moscow resident Vladislav Horohorin. He was recently arrested in France. But why did Russian authorities let him operate freely in the meantime? » 8/24/10 9:20am 8/24/10 9:20am

Celebrity Hacker: Microsoft Leads Industry In Security

Security expert Marc Maiffret parlayed his teen hacking skills into getting paid to find holes in Microsoft software. Now, he says, Adobe and Apple can learn from Microsoft's past. » 4/16/10 4:40pm 4/16/10 4:40pm

New Virus Holds Your Weird Fetishes For Ransom

The internet's newest, scariest trojan virus doesn't just destroy your computer, it destroys the esteem in which you're held by your loved ones and colleagues, too! By publishing your browser history unless you pay a $15 ransom, that is. » 4/15/10 10:20pm 4/15/10 10:20pm