Scientists Use Laser Beams and Engineered Algae Viruses to Control Your…

That's right: Scientists will achieve mind control. By shining laser beams. Directly at cells in your brain. Which have been intentionally infected. By a blue-light sensitive virus. That they made in a lab. From algae. » 4/30/09 7:26pm 4/30/09 7:26pm

Dr. Who Cyberman Shower Radio Picks Up FM/AM/Invasion Orders

Show your support for the intergalactic robotic conquerers with the Dr. Who Cyberman Shower Radio. Not only will it observe you with its cold, black sockets, the Cyberman Radio receives FM/AM stations and its mouth glows when you tune around. Its about six inches tall, has a hanging cord, and requires three AAA… » 7/16/07 5:30pm 7/16/07 5:30pm