The Worrying Future of the Mars One Mission

Welcome to the nearing death of another weekend and, of course, another Reading List, gathering together some of this week's best words, phrases, and sentences spun into incredible stories. This week we have online black markets, the future of cybernetic prosthetics, the endangered art of the London cabby, and the… » 11/16/14 5:00pm 11/16/14 5:00pm

This Passive Exoskeleton Makes 36 Pounds Feel Like Nothing

You all remember the TALOS, right? That big cybernetic exosuit designed to boost the physical abilities of its wearer? This is its unpowered cousin and, while it won't turn you into Captain America (regardless of how friggin awesome that would be), it is already revolutionizing how America's Navy builds its… » 8/20/14 11:45am 8/20/14 11:45am

The 18 Most Futuristic Predictions That Came True in 2013

A lot can happen in a single year, especially in this era of accelerating technological and social change. Here are the most futuristic developments of 2013. » 12/27/13 1:57pm 12/27/13 1:57pm

How We'll Control the Future With Our Thoughts

The minds of man and machine suffer from a glaring disconnect: The inability to interface directly with one another. We have to use our hands, keyboards, and mice to issue commands to our robotic minions and they can only respond via physical sensory mediums. But we can do better. We can use our minds. In fact, we… » 10/15/13 5:17pm 10/15/13 5:17pm

Eagle-Eyed Argus II: An Artificial Retina That Reads For the Blind

The advent of cochlear implants in the 1970s and ocular implants in the early 2000s revolutionized hearing and vision loss treatment by circumventing damaged organs with digital prostheses that directly stimulated neural pathways. But these devices have been poor substitutes for the real thing. That is, until now. » 11/27/12 11:40am 11/27/12 11:40am

Scientists Create Cyborg Rats to Combat Brain Damage

Strokes and Parkinson's Disease can cause irreparable damage to your grey matter. However, one controversial experiment aims to replace the function of those damaged areas with neural microchips. » 1/17/12 1:57am 1/17/12 1:57am

The Best Science of the Year

2010 was a great year for Science. NASA's space plane (and the Dolly lineage) were resurrected while a secret laboratory Neturino observatory was built under the South Pole. Check out our best science stories of the year! » 12/31/10 4:40pm 12/31/10 4:40pm

Watch an Interview With the World's First Cyborg

Twelve years ago, Professor Kevin Warwick became the world's first cyborg. Today, at Motherboard he's holding court on cybernetics, and how if we don't embrace our cyber upgrade potential, the robots will someday win. » 8/11/10 5:20pm 8/11/10 5:20pm