9 Everyday Items We Never Want to Have Connected to the Internet

Are you ready for the Internet of Things? It's coming. Soon enough everything in your home will be plugged in to the net. Your refrigerator will know when you're out of milk, and order more via Amazon! There's no stopping this advance in human civilization — but here are nine items that we absolutely never want to… » 12/18/13 2:19pm 12/18/13 2:19pm

White House Says They'll Attack If Enemies Hack

The White House released their International Strategy for Cyberspace document, which lays out a general platform for all things internet, but it also addresses their stance on enemies hacking the U.S. and its allies: attack if necessary. » 5/17/11 7:05pm 5/17/11 7:05pm

Air Force Salutes Geek Warriors With Cyberspace Badge

The internet warriors of the US Air Force have finally been properly recognized: the USAF just introduced a Cyberspace Badge. It's about about time the grunts on the front lines of network warfare got their wings. » 5/05/10 6:00pm 5/05/10 6:00pm