Can Saying "People on Bikes" Instead of "Cyclists" Make Biking Safer?

A few years ago, I bought a bright orange city bike, which I chose because it allowed me to sit up as I rode. A few times a week, I wear my regular clothes—mostly dresses—to go to meetings, run errands or ride on the bike path by my house. I don't own any padded shorts. What would you call me? » 11/19/13 12:00pm 11/19/13 12:00pm

Cyclist Argues Against Police Fine in Slapstick Cycle-Lane Video

Perhaps throwing a cyclists' yellow card on cars obstructing the bicycle lane would've been a less aggressive way to go about his complaint, but then we wouldn't get to see this cyclist, Casey Neistat, make such a fool of himself. » 6/09/11 6:30am 6/09/11 6:30am

Signal Jacket for Cyclists Gets Instructable: Your Arms Will be Happy

Back in March we showed Leah Buechley's neat signaling jacket for cyclists, the one that has LED turn-indicators on the back. Not much info was available on it at the time, save for the fact it used an Arduino Lilypad controller. But now Leah's posted a detailed Instructable for the jacket, including handy things like… » 6/26/08 10:15am 6/26/08 10:15am

Bike Cuffs Bring Security, Kinkiness, to Your Cycle

Made of hardened, laminated steel, and based on the design for police-issue manacles, the bike cuff is all kinds of wonderful. You can lock up to three bikes at the same time, and the ring is big enough to secure to signposts to deter would-be tea-leaves. The heat-treated lock is pick-proof and there's a hardened pivot … » 3/04/08 7:13am 3/04/08 7:13am

Safe Turn Keeps Cyclists From Getting Killed (Athough This Guy…

Basically, Safe Turn is a wrist-mounted indicator light that automatically flickers to life whenever a cyclist raises his/her arm to signal a turn. In order to prevent the device from lighting during normal actions, like reaching for a water bottle or scratching the nose or ass, the device incorporates a "delayed start"… » 1/22/08 6:30pm 1/22/08 6:30pm