Twist Up a Spiral Dog With the Cyclone Weiner Slicer

Tornado hot dogs are the biggest thing since spiral cut ham on sliced bread. By carving a groove into the link around a meaty central core, the dog not only cooks faster with crispy edges but it also holds more condiments and prevents them from slopping out with each bite. The Cyclone hot dog slicer prepares these… »7/09/13 7:00pm7/09/13 7:00pm

Emergency Telecoms Team Forced to Wait in Thailand by Burmese Junta

Emergency communications kits destined to help the clear-up of the Burmese cyclone have been held up by the Asian country's military junta. A five-man team from NGO Telecoms Sans Frontieres has been waiting all week for its entry visas from the turds powers that be of the brutal regime. And, until the visas are… »5/10/08 1:30pm5/10/08 1:30pm

Verizon Wireless Gets its Mitts on BlackBerry 8830 World Phone

Being a Verizon customer, I'm always complaining about their lack of phones, but it looks like the boys in red just got first dibs on RIM's BlackBerry 8830 (aka the Cyclone), which is a CDMA/GSM hybrid. In other words, it'll work here in the States and overseas on GSM networks. It's Verizon's second phone with that… »4/05/07 11:54am4/05/07 11:54am