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Send Some Dangerous Airmail With These Weaponized Paper Planes

We've all done our fair share of chucking paper airplanes at friends. And maybe, if you're a real engineer, you've made some clever, paper-folding modifications that let your plane do a loop—or better yet actually land on target. Joerg Sparve has turned his eye towards those paper aircraft, and needless to say, the… » 3/03/13 3:10pm 3/03/13 3:10pm

This Insane Nerf Blaster Can Fire Off 144 Darts in Under 30 Seconds

Billed as the highest capacity Nerf gun ever created, the new N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire Blaster can hold eight eighteen shot clips, putting 144 darts at your disposal between reloads. And with a firing capacity of up to six shots per second, you've just guaranteed yourself office supremacy. » 8/10/12 2:20pm 8/10/12 2:20pm

Dartboard Wall Clock Not to be Confused with Foosball Wall Clock

Kidding, there isn't actually a foosball wall clock, but that would be freaking awesome if it actually did exist. This dartboard wall clock will sit near and dear to the heart of any dart enthusiast. I would avoid hanging this up at a bar, though. Drunks will throw darts into anything, especially clocks that look… » 2/05/07 4:30pm 2/05/07 4:30pm