You Can Fire Nerf's New Barrel Blaster As Fast As You Can Reload It

In the heat of battle, the time it takes to prime or reload a Nerf blaster could mean the difference between taking out your opponent, or taking a foam dart to the face. So today Hasbro has officially announced the new Nerf Mega RotoFury with a spinning barrel that lets users continuously hold the trigger and quickly… »1/19/15 9:02am1/19/15 9:02am

You'll Soon Be Able To Use K'NEX To Build Your Own Custom Dart Guns

How many times have you found yourself playing with a Nerf gun and thought you could come up with a cooler design? That dream will soon be a reality according to the folks at Blaster Labs because at some point this year K'NEX will be releasing new building sets that let you design and construct your own foam dart… »1/08/15 12:09pm1/08/15 12:09pm

There Are No Dangerous Metal Tips With This Unusual Magnetic Darts Game

There's no denying a round of darts can be tremendously challenging and fun, but it's definitely not a game for kids, and those pointy-tipped projectiles can really do a number on your walls if you've got terrible aim. Kooba promises a slightly safer experience, for children and walls, with darts that use magnets to… »12/31/14 12:45pm12/31/14 12:45pm

Send Some Dangerous Airmail With These Weaponized Paper Planes

We've all done our fair share of chucking paper airplanes at friends. And maybe, if you're a real engineer, you've made some clever, paper-folding modifications that let your plane do a loop—or better yet actually land on target. Joerg Sparve has turned his eye towards those paper aircraft, and needless to say, the… »3/03/13 3:10pm3/03/13 3:10pm

Dartboard Wall Clock Not to be Confused with Foosball Wall Clock

Kidding, there isn't actually a foosball wall clock, but that would be freaking awesome if it actually did exist. This dartboard wall clock will sit near and dear to the heart of any dart enthusiast. I would avoid hanging this up at a bar, though. Drunks will throw darts into anything, especially clocks that look… »2/05/07 4:30pm2/05/07 4:30pm