War veteran escapes from retirement home to celebrate D-Day in Normandy

This is 89-year-old Bernard Jordan—ex-mayor of Hove, England, and a veteran who fought on D-Day. In one of the best World War 2 traditions, he made a great escape from his retirement home and fled across the English Channel to join the D-day landings celebrations currently underway in France. »6/06/14 9:26pm6/06/14 9:26pm

15 Incredible Photo Composites Match Up Normandy on D-Day and Today

Today marks the 70th anniversary of D-Day, aka Operation Overlord, the single largest seaborne military invasion of all time. How has Normandy changed in the seven decades since? In these perfectly-matched photo composites, Getty Images photographer Peter Macdiarmid compares the quaint towns in 1944 and 2014. »6/06/14 9:00am6/06/14 9:00am

How the Iconic Photos From the D-Day Invasion Were Almost Lost Forever

It's amazing that even during events as harrowing as the D-Day invasion, there are photographers willing to enter the fray and make a visual record of what went down. Time brings us the story of how photographs of that historic battle were almost completely lost in an error almost any of us can relate to. »6/02/14 4:19pm6/02/14 4:19pm