Is Facebook 'Leading Cause of Relationship Trouble'?

A new survey by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers found that some two-thirds of divorce lawyers cite Facebook as "the 'primary source' of evidence in divorce proceedings," and The Guardian calls the social-networking site "a leading cause of relationship trouble." And yet, shockingly, the divorce rate… » 3/09/11 8:20am 3/09/11 8:20am

A Camera in an Alarm Clock? I See No Sleazy Uses For That.

If you've been dying to make some "home movies" with your significant other in the bedroom but keep getting shut down because she doesn't trust you to not put them on the internet (and really, why should she? You probably will.), the only thing to do is make videos without her knowledge. I mean, that's what any loving… » 2/09/07 10:47am 2/09/07 10:47am