Ultimate Toy Robot Battlemodo

Everyone wants love, companionship and contact. Those who can't get it from humans can turn to the latest crop of hot toy robots: Wall-E in three sizes, WowWee's Rovio, Femisapien and Mr. Personality, the dino D-Rex, multi-talented Elmo Live and Sony's enchantingly personable Rolly music player. Each exudes a desire to … » 12/09/08 4:00pm 12/09/08 4:00pm

D-REX Pet Dinosaur Stalks Prey, Bites Your Sister, Doesn't Poop on the…

While weren't quite as blown away by D-REX as we were by Elmo Live—"jazz hands" killed our objective judgment—the level of interactivity is pretty impressive for what's supposed to be a dumb child's toy (the kid, not the 'bot). About the size of a small puppy, it behaves semi-autonomously, though it'll follow patterns… » 2/17/08 10:45pm 2/17/08 10:45pm