Quantum Computers Are Still No Faster Than Your Average PC

The D-Wave 2 is a much-hyped quantum computer, but, as scientists now report, it's not actually any faster than a regular old PC. Wait, didn't we say it was 3,600 times faster just a few months ago? Yes, and both are right. Whether one computer is faster than another is actually a mighty complicated question. » 6/19/14 4:00pm 6/19/14 4:00pm

Quantum Letdown: First Commercial Quantum Computer Debuts, Severely Disappoints

The quantum computer that many—us included—doubted would ever materialize showed up yesterday. However, I think it's fair to say that we're a little disappointed with what actually materialized. Sure, the hack thing to do is to praise its ability to solve Sudoku puzzles, but to me there's quite a difference between… » 2/14/07 6:56am 2/14/07 6:56am

D-Wave Quantum Computer to Span Multiple Universes Next Tuesday?

Propellerheads at D-Wave are saying they've developed the world's first quantum computer, and the wild thing is they say they're going to show it actually working next Tuesday. Hey, wait a minute. This first foray into the strange-but-maybe-true world of quantum mechanics wasn't expected by scientists until 20 years… » 2/09/07 8:17am 2/09/07 8:17am