Nikon D300s DSLR Adds 720p HD Video With Stereo Input, SD Slot to D300

It's not exactly surprising, but I'm still a little disappointed by the D300s: It's the same as the D300, but adds 720p video (at 24fps) with stereo input, an SD card slot and a few minor improvements for $1800. » 7/30/09 12:00am 7/30/09 12:00am

The Nikon D300S Just Won't Stop Leaking

Here's the latest shot of the Nikon D300S. (Spoiler: It looks like a typical dSLR but with mic holes). According to Nikon Rumors, you can expect to hear more next week. [Nikon Rumors] » 7/28/09 1:59pm 7/28/09 1:59pm

Nikon D300s DSLR in the Flesh, Apparently

Looks like a real live D300s to me. The Nikon leaks are speeding up, so I'm thinking we'll see this get official in August. You know, if it's real. More shots here: [Nikon Rumors] » 7/15/09 5:20pm 7/15/09 5:20pm

Hey Look, It's the LCD Screen on the Back of a Nikon D300s DSLR

That's what we're supposedly looking at, gleaned directly from Nikon's site. Besides D300s splattered on it, note the SD card slot logo, matching earlier rumored specs. It's not a D400, but D300 + HD video, we'll take it. [Nikon Rumors] » 6/12/09 9:20am 6/12/09 9:20am

Nikon D400 DSLR Spec List Claims 14.8MP Sensor, 1080p HD Video

Nikon just announced the D3x, and popped out the D700 a little bit ago, so next to be updated is the D300, right? Here are the first round of supposed specs for the D400. » 12/11/08 11:00am 12/11/08 11:00am

Rumor: Nikon Planning 1080p-Capable D400?

Whether it's wishful thinking, educated guessing or true leakage is unclear, but the photo nerds are now abuzz about a Nikon D400 follow-up to the D300 we love so much » 11/23/08 8:30pm 11/23/08 8:30pm, which would have that could potentially rival Canon's 1080p-shootin' . If that was all gibberish to you, don't think on it a moment further. But if…

Nikon D300 DSLR Lightning Review

The Gadget: Nikon's D300 is a 12.3MP camera with 200-6400 (hi mode) ISO, a 3-inch LCD, 51 autofocus points and a prosumer magnesium body on the fence, but teetering more towards pro than consumer. Inside is a DX-sensor, not quite the FX sensor found in the better D3 and D700 cams. It's not directly competitive with… » 9/13/08 8:30pm 9/13/08 8:30pm

Nikon D3 and D300 Firmware Updates

Hot on the tail of the D700 release, Nikon let loose firmware 2.0 for the D3 DSLR, making the amazing camera even better. The main points of interest are improved autofocus and white balance, but I've blockquoted the laundry list below. The D300 gets a firmware update to 1.03 to fix incorrect battery indicator… » 7/03/08 12:22am 7/03/08 12:22am

Nikon D700 Shots Revealed as Fake

Darnit darnit-that's what you'll be saying if you're an eager Nikon fan, waiting for the new mid-range D700 DSLR. Those shots we showed you in our previous rumor post? Yep: faked. Over on they've got a link to the original pre-Photoshopped image on Flickr. It's of a D300, and is clearly of a higher… » 6/27/08 7:35am 6/27/08 7:35am

Nikon D300 Firmware Update

The freshly posted firmware update 1.02 for the D300 solves a bug that slapped vertical bands across pics shot at exposure times over eight seconds. Weird problem, fixed now. [For Windows For Mac via Rob Galbraith] » 2/13/08 1:29pm 2/13/08 1:29pm

D300 Test Shots: A "Photogenic Weekend" With a Japanese Babe

While you're drooling as the sample shots from Nikon's full-frame D3 begin to roll in, maybe consider coming back to reality a bit to its able-bodied little cousin, the D300. Here, Impress puts one in the hands of a Japanese pro for a round of test shots under natural light (bounced off of reflectors) for a… » 12/06/07 9:27pm 12/06/07 9:27pm

DPReview Does a 12-Page "Preview" of Nikon's D300

Phil over at DP Review is previewing the D300, and although they call it a preview, without verdict, it is a 12- page affair with almost every detail of the new camera. That photo above is a representation of the camera's 51 AF segments. Nuts, huh? He also runs down the liveviewfinder LCD and the HDMI output, along… » 9/12/07 3:25pm 9/12/07 3:25pm

Hands On D3 and D300 Impressions: Beefy and Beautiful

Click to viewAfter holding the D3 and D300 for several minutes, the Digital Rebel XTi I'm using (blasphemy at a Nikon event, I know) feels like a fucking toy—when I fired the D3 on burst mode, I felt like Arnold firing the minigun in T2 between the rapid clacking and the weight. I've never held a more solid-feeling… » 8/23/07 6:30am 8/23/07 6:30am

Nikon D300 DSLR Announced, Rocks 12.3 Megapixels and Live View Goodness

Click to viewNikon also announced the D300 today, as was heavily rumored. Its latest prosumer DSLR is loaded with a 12.3 megapixel DX format CMOS sensor (the one Sony just announced), 6fps burst-it goes up to 8 with the optional battery pack, HDMI support with 1080i playback, 200-3200 ISO range, live view and a 3-inch… » 8/23/07 12:01am 8/23/07 12:01am