Nikon's D3X Masterpiece DSLR Goes Official With An $8,000 Price Tag

The rumors pointed pretty firmly to it, and then some leaked specs detailed what it'd be like, but now Nikon's new pro-level D3X DSLR has arrived officially. Touting it as a 24-megapixel "Digital Masterpiece," with exceptionally low noise sensor, 5fps full-frame shooting speed and with file sizes of 138MB, Nikon's… » 12/01/08 4:22am 12/01/08 4:22am

Nikon D3x 24MP DSLR Rumors Solidify Around Dec. 1

The trail of evidence pointing to a D3x unveiling by Nikon next month » 11/26/08 1:20pm 11/26/08 1:20pm has gotten pretty solid in the last few weeks. , and it's fairly convincing forensic scene. : The D3x is ! Besides for the long-rumored 24-megapixel full-frame DSLR popping up way back in April, Nikon's scheduled several worldwide events for Dec.…

Nikon D90 Coming in Early September? Or is it the D3X? Or BOTH??

Nikon has been sending out press invites for an event on September 3rd. What could they possibly want to talk about just a few weeks before Germany's Photokina expo? It could be Nikon's sequel to their D80, the D90. Or, it could be the 24.4-megapixel D3x that was spotted in Nikon firmware. Or, in a slight breach of… » 7/17/08 2:58pm 7/17/08 2:58pm

Nikon D90 and D3x DSLRs Dropping in June?

June is shaping up to be a hot month for DSLRs. Fresh off spotting the 24.4-megapixel D3x lurking in the D3's firmware, whispers out of Japan are that the monolith is due by the second week of June, along with the D90, an update to Nikon's well-loved D80. Pure rumor, but Thom Hogan is symbiotically attached to Nikon… » 4/21/08 11:20am 4/21/08 11:20am

Nikon D3 Firmware Update Reveals 24-Megapixel D3x, Already in the Wild

Nikon's flagship full-frame DSLR, the D3, is a lot of things, but a megapixel warrior it is not, shooting a mere 12.1MP to other flagship DSLRs' 20+. Nikon said it was avoiding the pointless megapixel war. But the latest firmware update for the D3 turns up a string for the "D3x" containing the image sizes "6048x4032… » 4/17/08 9:30pm 4/17/08 9:30pm