DSLR Sizemodo: Nikon D40x vs "World's Smallest" Olympus E-420

We just got the Olympus E-420, and before we shoot a million test shots (rough approximation), we thought we'd take a look at it's biggest claim to fame: it's the smallest and lightest DSLR around. Here you see it with the relatively handy and lightweight Nikon D40x, which in body is almost totally identical to its… »3/20/08 6:00pm3/20/08 6:00pm


Nikon Steadies Up 18-55mm Kit Lens With Image Stabilization

Feature trickle—the movement of bells and whistles from high-end to low-end gear—is great. As Crave points out, image stabilization is one that's been falling down the line pretty steadily, now landing in Nikon's standard kit 18-55mm lens. The new, tricked out AF-S DX Nikkor 18-55mm f3.5-5.6G VR lens— VR standing for… »11/20/07 4:40pm11/20/07 4:40pm

Time to Upgrade: The Best DSLRs for Under 600 Bucks

Laptop Mag's running a roundup of "the best DSLRs under $800," but all of them actually go for around $500 (w/ lens), Sony's A100 excepted, which is just under $600. Of the group—Canon Digital Rebel XT, Nikon D40, Pentax K100D and Sony Alpha A100—they ultimately side with the D40, but truth be told, there isn't a world »10/17/07 4:20pm10/17/07 4:20pm

Olympus Evolt E-410 Unboxed and Well Fondled (Verdict: Quite Nice, but Nikon D40 is Nicer)

If you don't know about the E-410, it's a 10-megapixel digital SLR packed into a remarkably slim body, selling for an impressively low price ($700 for body only, $800 for one lens, $900 including two lenses). The value proposition increases when you consider it includes Live View—the ability to get a video preview… »5/07/07 3:40pm5/07/07 3:40pm

Nikon Spruces Up Its D40, Now the 10.2-Megapixel D40x

There's an updated version of the Nikon D40 DSLR that'll soon hit the streets, now called the D40x and raising its megapixel count to 10.2 from the 6 megapixels it had before. Nikon also says it's also improved in two other areas: its three-frames-per-second continuous shooting, and a wider range of ISO speeds, now… »3/05/07 11:00pm3/05/07 11:00pm