Canon Rebel T1i vs Nikon D5000: Entry-Level DSLR Battlemodo

Nikon and Canon—eternally locked in battle—do each other good by keeping product quality neck and neck. But in the newest entry-level DSLR shootout, if there has to be a winner, it's Canon's Rebel T1i. » 4/30/09 4:40pm 4/30/09 4:40pm

Pogue Says Panasonic's Pseudo-SLR GH1 Makes a Great HD Camcorder

Hopefully things are cloudiest before they clear up: Nobody buys real camcorders anymore, entry-level DSLRs are all about HD video, and NYT's David Pogue picks Panasonic's Lumix GH1 as the current 1080p shooting champ. » 4/29/09 11:00pm 4/29/09 11:00pm

Nikon D5000 vs. Canon T1i: Place Your Bets

Nikon's D5000 and Canon's Rebel T1i are the two hottest sub-$1000 cameras ever created. But which one is hotter? The specs and shots below say plenty—but tomorrow we give you the final verdict. » 4/29/09 3:20pm 4/29/09 3:20pm

The Nikon D5000 Ships April 27

We told you about the Nikon D5000 (Nikon's latest sub-$1000, HD-shooting dSLR with a swiveling screen) when it was announced two weeks ago. Now, thanks to Amazon, we hear that the first shipments are going out to customers on April 27th. Anyone waiting for their order to arrive? [Amazon via Engadget] » 4/24/09 9:17am 4/24/09 9:17am