Caption Contest: Steve Ballmer's Whiteboard From All Things Digital

During their interview last night at All Things D, Walt Mossberg called Steve Ballmer the "maestro of the whiteboard" and presented him with a fresh one to explain how online advertising works. We know what it is. You can see words like Publisher and Advertise and Data in the fringes, but what does it look like to you? » 5/28/08 12:30pm 5/28/08 12:30pm

Sony's Howard Stringer to Unveil New 0.3mm-Thick OLED Displays Today

While yesterday's All Things D conference had appearances by Gates and Ballmer unveiling Windows 7, today will feature Sony CEO Howard Stringer. He'll be there showing off new OLED displays measuring an insane 0.3mm thick. That's three tenths of a millimeter, or about the thickness of a playing card. Let's hope… » 5/28/08 11:12am 5/28/08 11:12am