Nikon D800: It's Not What You Wanted, But It Is a 36-Megapixel…

Nikon's new D800 SLR is a study in expectations and identity. Laid bare, the $3000 D800 is an impressive camera. But it's probably not the D800 that a lot of Nikon fans have been waiting for—what some feel they'd been virtually promised. » 2/06/12 11:01pm 2/06/12 11:01pm

This Is How You Shoot Some 3D Photos

Sports Illustrated photographer David Klutho is wielding two Nikon D700s bolted together like a double-neck guitar at the Olympics, except his rig is designed to take 3D photos, not bust out sweet guitar solos. [Russ Beinder/Flickr] » 3/01/10 1:00pm 3/01/10 1:00pm

Canon 5D Mark II vs. Nikon D700 Review Shoot-Out

For the last few months, we've been shooting with the two hottest cameras on the market. Lucky us. If you've been eyeing either one of these for purchase, here's everything you need to know. » 2/26/09 12:20pm 2/26/09 12:20pm

Nikon D700 Also Hacked to Record Video

Inspired by the success of the Canon Liveview DSLR video hack, Olivier Giroux repeated the trick for his Nikon D700. As was the case with the Canons, it works—sort of. » 1/28/09 5:09am 1/28/09 5:09am

Best Husband Ever Bakes Wife Nikon D700 Cake...With a Surprise

Flickr user fsumaria has herself a great husband. After all, only a great husband would bake a Nikon D700 cake for his wife's birthday then follow it up by giving her the real thing. » 12/08/08 3:20pm 12/08/08 3:20pm

Nikon D700 First Photos: Yep, Little D3

DigitalCameraInfo has the first shots taken by Nikon's D700, aka little D3. Since it uses the same sensor as the D3 (which Wired just gave 10 out of 10), we expected it take the same unbelievably low noise shots, even at higher ISO speeds that would make lesser cameras bleed grain. So how does it fare? The picture… » 8/21/08 3:07pm 8/21/08 3:07pm

Differences Between Nikon D3 and D700 (aka Lil' D3)

The lucky and meticulous bastards at DP Review have gotten a hands on preview of the D700, and nicely round up the differences between it and the 20 percent beefier D3 besides the ones we already pointed out: » 7/01/08 12:45am 7/01/08 12:45am

Nikon D700 DSLR Official: D3's Big Sensor In a Smaller Body for $2999

It's real. The mid-range DSLR you've been waiting for: Nikon's D700 DSLR packs the D3's supernaturally low-noise 12.1-megapixel full-frame image sensor into a smaller, lighter body, for only $2999. » 7/01/08 12:01am 7/01/08 12:01am

Official Nikon D700 Photos Leaked?

Nikon Rumors offers this photo and more as official pics of the D700, with no text explanation. Look real to you? Either way, the rumors are true of a midrange cam with a D3 sensor are worth getting excited over. [Nikon Rumors] » 6/30/08 8:12pm 6/30/08 8:12pm

Nikon D700 Leaked in Magazine

Guess what was spotted in the latest issue of Germany's ProfiFoto magazine? Yes, you guessed it—the absolutely worst-kept secret in the photography world, the Nikon D700. We're still expecting the official announcement on July 1st (as it's been long-rumored). Until then, enjoy this small scan of the magazine from… » 6/30/08 10:12am 6/30/08 10:12am

Nikon D700 Shots Revealed as Fake

Darnit darnit-that's what you'll be saying if you're an eager Nikon fan, waiting for the new mid-range D700 DSLR. Those shots we showed you in our previous rumor post? Yep: faked. Over on they've got a link to the original pre-Photoshopped image on Flickr. It's of a D300, and is clearly of a higher… » 6/27/08 7:35am 6/27/08 7:35am

Nikon D700 Announcement Slated for Next Monday

A retailer has confirmed the existence of the Nikon D700, even though Nikon hasn't announced it yet. The webpage for Digital Depot has posted "Nikon will be announcing the new Nikon D700 on Monday 30th June! Check back soon for details, images and specifications." I wonder if they'll be waiting a little longer than… » 6/26/08 2:12pm 6/26/08 2:12pm

Possible Nikon D700 DSLR Shots Leaked

Could these be actual shots of the upcoming Nikon D700 mid-range DSLR? The spy image and the production shot (pictured after the break) look decent enough, so there is a good chance that they are the real deal. Hopefully, it won't be long before we know for sure. » 6/25/08 2:35pm 6/25/08 2:35pm

Nikon D700 DSLR Announced July 1st?

Jacobs Digital Photo & Video, a UK camera supplier, is boasting a "a big surprise on the 1st July 2008, a major supplier will be announcing a brand new SLR." The consensus seems to be that it'll be the D700 from Nikon, a mid-range full-frame DSLR that's been generating a lot of noise recently. Other, less likely,… » 6/20/08 2:47pm 6/20/08 2:47pm

Nikon D700 Mid-Range Full-Frame DSLR Leaked, Has D3's Image Sensor and…

More on that rumored mid-range full-frame DSLR from Nikon, and this looks a lot realer, with some decently convincing promo materials for the D700. Specs include a full-frame 12.1MP CMOS sensor (same as the D3's), and a 51-point AF system, also the same as the D3. ISO range is 200-6400, or 100-25600 extended. So, uh,… » 6/18/08 2:48pm 6/18/08 2:48pm