Amazon Dash Button: The Ultimate Convenience or the End of Civilization?

Amazon’s latest experimental product is the Dash button, a programmable key that makes reordering essentials like laundry detergent as easy as pushing Start on the microwave. Is this the best thing that ever happened to busy America? Or a sign that we’ve become the docile servants of our Amazon Prime accounts? »3/31/15 7:00pm3/31/15 7:00pm

TeleNav Shotgun Web-Connected GPS Delivers Real-Time Traffic, Finds Cheap Gas for $300

Just as Dash—makers of the internet-connected, traffic-terminating GPS »11/08/08 1:10pm11/08/08 1:10pm—is to sell its awesome software to other companies, TeleNav is officially doing the exact opposite: Jumping in with its first GPS device, which sounds a lot like the Dash Express (on paper, anyway). The internet-connected delivers real-time…

Dash To Can Its Hardware Biz, License Its Web-Connected Nav OS To Other Devices

We've always been fans of the Dash Express »11/03/08 1:57pm11/03/08 1:57pm, with its real-time web-delivered traffic monitoring and its constantly evolving app platform. Somewhat sad news today is that Dash Navigation will be pulling out of the consumer hardware business entirely and cutting 50 jobs (two-thirds of its work force)-enabling them to…

Dealzmodo: Dash Express Just $200 in Amazon One-Day Sale

Dash express got a "permanent" price drop to $300 »10/28/08 7:29am10/28/08 7:29am just back in June, but for today only an Amazon Gold Box deal means it'll have $100 shaved off that. Yup: it's just $200. That price has been available for subscribers previously, but not on Amazon. Freakishly good deal, given that we labeled the GPS…

Dial Directions 411 Phone Service Automatically Beams Routes to Your Dash GPS

Call up "DIR-ECT-IONS" (clever) on your way to the car and tell the friendly robot who answers where you want to go, and you can have a route beamed to your Dash GPS »9/10/08 11:00am9/10/08 11:00am over the web instantly. Dial Directions already works with a few other online and mobile services, but this Dash integration is a pretty great trick.…

Old School Digital Car Dashboard Roundup Is an LCD Light Show

Motive mag takes a look at the digital dashboards of the 1980s; a time where men were men and electronic car computer technology barely made anything fancier than some green LCDs. Despite this handicap, auto manufacturers came up with some fancy displays, as typified by this predecessor to my own 350Z, a Nissan… »7/09/08 5:40pm7/09/08 5:40pm

Dash GPS's Major June 2008 Update Lets You Plot Custom Routes

Dash navigator's latest update rolls out today, allowing for a few key improvements.
• My Route records your local paths between two points (or locations within 1/2 mile of those points) and recommends the route along side traditional GPS routes next time you make the trip.
• Searches for points of interest "along… »6/30/08 11:00am6/30/08 11:00am

Dash Express GPS Twitter App Tells Whole World Exactly Where You Are, With Google Map Goodness

The Dash Express GPS's API opened up about six weeks ago, and so far Dash says there've been dozens of apps developed since then, most of them in the truly useful category, like weather or speed traps. And then there's a Twitter client. Yes, the Dash will now tweet your exact location to everyone following you,… »6/17/08 5:30pm6/17/08 5:30pm