Car Projector Clock: If You Need One You Probably Shouldn't Be Driving

There are plenty of projector clocks on the market, but many of these are shaped like Batman and confined to bedroom use. However, Brando is bucking the trend with a projector clock designed to be used in the car. Naturally, the size of the date and time displayed is dependent on how far back you mount the device, but… »6/10/08 2:15pm6/10/08 2:15pm

T-Mobile's Unlimited Family Plan Lets Families Annoy Each Other Unlimitedly

T-Mobile's better-than-average rate plans continue with their new unlimited family plans, which costs $99 for the first line, and $49 for each additional plan after. You get up to four extra lines, but each line has unlimited calling, roaming, SMS, MMS and IMing. The more lines you get, the more cost effective each… »6/04/08 1:28pm6/04/08 1:28pm

Scramble and Progression Tokyo Flash Watches Aren't Totally Confusing

Just a few weeks ago I showed you the Infection watch, which was very much in the vein of befuddling time display that importer Tokyo Flash has become famous for. But now there're the new Scramble and Progression watches from Nekura, and it looks like their LED-backlit LCD displays are slightly more straightforward,… »6/03/08 8:28am6/03/08 8:28am