These blooming daisies are so cute they almost look like an animation

Because I’m a human who was once a child that read The Giving Tree and an adult who enjoys Pixar movies, it’s always fun to imagine things to have personalities when they clearly do not. Like these blooming daisies filmed by Neil Bromhall. They burst with such emotion that I first hoped it was some adorable animated… »8/31/15 11:00am8/31/15 11:00am


Daisy, Robo Daisy, Spin Your Sculptural Propeller, Do

Yesterday we had one scary(ish) robot design, and here's another. Ok— not so scary, really, as all Daisy's slice'n'dice menace is just a sham. That huge propeller is simply a fiberglass copy of a cargo ship one. And all it does is flex and rotate its robot muscles, slowly. But it's massive, and it does have a built-in… »4/07/08 12:23pm4/07/08 12:23pm