Beats Electronics Is Getting Its Own Streaming Music Service Called…

Beats Electronics got control of a lot of digital music rights and technology when it acquired the streaming music service MOG last year. Now, Beats is launching a new service—Project Daisy—to sell you beats by every artist you can think of. » 1/10/13 3:10pm 1/10/13 3:10pm

Daisy, Robo Daisy, Spin Your Sculptural Propeller, Do

Yesterday we had one scary(ish) robot design, and here's another. Ok— not so scary, really, as all Daisy's slice'n'dice menace is just a sham. That huge propeller is simply a fiberglass copy of a cargo ship one. And all it does is flex and rotate its robot muscles, slowly. But it's massive, and it does have a built-in… » 4/07/08 12:23pm 4/07/08 12:23pm

Home-Made Daisy MP3 Player Takes Us (London) Underground

Using a $115 Daisy open-source player, and a tin with a London tube map on it, Mchaceortiz made himself an MP3 player with a difference. The six way-retro switches on the tin control the volume, track selection and play and pause, and you can see another shot of it opened up after the jump. » 4/03/08 7:40am 4/03/08 7:40am