Will Dallas Build a Giant Protective Shield For Its Death Ray Tower?

For the past two years, Dallas has been locked in a debate over a new class of buildings that have lovingly become known as architectural death rays. In Dallas's case, it's a shard of light reflected off a hastily-built condo tower that has killed plants and ruined art at the nearby Nasher Sculpture Center. »11/14/13 12:40pm11/14/13 12:40pm

Dallas Is the Latest City to Propose Tearing Down Huge Urban Freeways

The rest of the country might think of Dallas as an ultra-conservative town. And as some one who spends a lot of time there, I can tell you that... It sort of is. But it's also home to great art, food, and increasingly, a progressive take on the future of cars. To wit: A proposal to permanently demolish an important… »11/13/13 10:01am11/13/13 10:01am

Undercover TSA Agent Sneaks Gun Through Airport's Full-Body Scanners Five Times

We put up with the TSA's potentially harmful scanners and overzealous gropings because they make our air travel safe, right? Right! Oh wait, maybe not. According to a high-ranking source inside the TSA, an undercover agent was able to pass through five full-body scanners at the Dallas Ft. Worth International Airport… »2/23/11 2:53pm2/23/11 2:53pm

Police Radio Keeps Disrupting Sprinklers, Local Residents Get FCC Involved

The police around Cedar Hill, DeSoto and Duncanville Texas have a fancy new communications system that broadcasts their 10-4s and 187s up to 30 miles, which coincidentally enough is screwing up a fancy radio-controlled networked sprinkler system in that general area. Turning off the sprinklers may not sound like it… »8/19/08 6:00pm8/19/08 6:00pm

Dallas Cowboys Stadium Will Have World's Largest Video Screen

The Dallas Cowboys will be taking over the world's largest video screen crown from that Japanese race track in 2009. Their HDTV will be a total of 11,200 square feet-actually bigger than when they were talking about this back in 2006-which beats the 8,066 sqft. Tokyo Racetrack one by quite a large margin. If 159 feet… »6/12/08 4:20pm6/12/08 4:20pm