Garbage Mountain and Armored Cars: The Rockaways Are Still in Ruin

There was a sense when the lights came back on in Manhattan that the worst of Hurricane Sandy's destruction was over. Sadly, that's far from the truth. For thousands upon thousands of people, life is about as far away from getting back to normal as you can imagined. » 11/06/12 1:20pm 11/06/12 1:20pm

Microsoft Sues DHL Over Xbox-Busting Train Crash

Microsoft is suing delivery service DHL for their refusal to compensate the boys in Redmond for the destruction of over 21,000 Xboxes in a Texas train derailment. The consoles were due for Hong Kong when the train, carrying two large containers of Xboxes, went off the tracks, sustaining a substantial amount of water… » 10/11/08 1:30pm 10/11/08 1:30pm

Kids Are Tearing Apart The OLPC Laptop's Keyboard Rather Easily

You'd think a laptop from the One Laptop Per Child project would, I don't know, account for the fact that it's being used by a child? A child that likes to tear crap apart? Stuff like keyboards? No? Which is why people are seeing keyboards being ripped up rubber piece by rubber piece. A few of the commenters in the… » 3/27/08 6:20pm 3/27/08 6:20pm