Sprint CEO: Android Is Not Good Enough for Sprint (Yet)

CEO Dan Hesse, whom you may remember from those classy black-and-white commercials on the teevee, recently told the National Press Club that as it stands, he doesn't think Android is "good enough to put the Sprint brand on it." Sure, he probably just meant that he'd like to see Android's kinks »10/25/08 4:30pm10/25/08 4:30pm ironed out before Sprint…

Absolut Quartet Makes an Orchestra Out of Ping-Pong Ball Cannons, Robots and You

The Absolut Quartet is an impressive electromechanical sculpture, which was put together by Dan Paluska and Jeff Lieberman. Using ping-pong ball cannons to play a marimba, robot fingers to tinker wine glasses and a central computer to control, well, the whole lot, the two creative minds have created the first—to our… »2/23/08 9:45pm2/23/08 9:45pm