The A-Z of dancing: A dance style for each letter of the alphabet

Here's an unofficial guide to the ABC's of dancing. Watch incredibly toned and tanned people more beautiful than your most beautiful friend perform different dance moves for each letter of the alphabet. Basically, all the moves you think you can do in your head but look completely foolish trying in real life. T is for… » 4/07/14 9:16pm 4/07/14 9:16pm

Woman risks life dancing over a cliff entangled in fabric

Aerial silk—dancing in the air suspended only by a piece of fabric but not tied to it—is always fascinating to watch. This video of Ashley Smith hanging from a solitary monolith over a cliff, however, has left me speechless—especially since she's not using a safety harness. Fast forward to 6:30 to see her in action. » 3/23/14 6:42pm 3/23/14 6:42pm