New Hubble trick will change our perception of the observable Universe

Scientists have found a way to use the Hubble Space Telescope as an extremely precise galactic tape measure, multiplying our previous capabilities by 10. This increase will result in a more accurate understanding of the size of the observable Universe. plus new insight into the mysterious force known as dark energy. » 4/10/14 9:44pm 4/10/14 9:44pm

The Best Dark Matter Signals Scientists Have Ever Recorded

It may look more like a young child's art assignment than anything else, but this is in fact the best dark matter signal that scientists have ever recorded. » 4/07/14 9:20am 4/07/14 9:20am

The Objects in Space That We Really, Really Can't Explain

Forget UFOs — there are a lot of objects and events in space that are identified, but still completely incomprehensible. From planets in our solar system, to inexplicable energy bursts from across the universe, here are some of the enduring mysteries of the space and time we call home. » 1/02/14 5:33pm 1/02/14 5:33pm

Should We Mine Ancient Shipwrecks to Push Science Into the Future?

We humans are a sentimental horde, which is why we get squeamish about places where people used to live, and places where people bit the dust. But how much should we value preserving the past when it impedes our ability to move into the future? The battle over the fate of a few long-shipwrecked vessels is forcing us… » 12/02/13 1:20pm 12/02/13 1:20pm

Scientists Observe the Mysterious Hidden Structure of the Universe for…

In 1933, Fritz Zwicky—a Swiss astronomer working at CalTech—had an amazing revelation. He realized that the amount of matter that we can see through our telescopes doesn't match the behavior of the Universe. There had to be something else that we couldn't see. Something that accounts for an astonishing 83 percent of… » 7/06/12 11:40am 7/06/12 11:40am

We May Absorb 60 Dark Matter Particles an Hour

WIMPs (Weakly Interacting Massive Particles) are a theoretical class of matter that are suspected of being the elusive "dark matter" that presumably constitutes 80 percent of the Universe. A new study by University of Michigan suggests that these phantom particles might strike our bodies once every minute. » 5/09/12 10:20pm 5/09/12 10:20pm

We Have No Idea Where One-Third of Space's Gamma Rays Originate From

Fermi's Large Area Telescope has detected 1873 gamma rays out in space. Most come from objects such as pulsars or blazars. But for 600 of those rays, scientists have no idea where they're coming from. » 10/18/11 10:04am 10/18/11 10:04am

This $271 Million Telescope Is Buried Under the South Pole

The IceCube Neutrino Observatory, built over a decade at a cost of $271 million, is buried under the South Pole... and longer than the world's tallest skyscrapers combined. » 12/21/10 9:40pm 12/21/10 9:40pm

Watch a 570MP, Dark Energy-Hunting Camera Be Built In Just Four Minutes

This camera weighs four tons. Its shutter and filter are both nearly five feet tall. And its job is to unlock the secrets of our universe's dark energy. Here's how they built it. » 11/12/10 1:00pm 11/12/10 1:00pm

A Mysterious Force Is Pulling Pioneer 10 Back Toward the Sun

I kind of dig space—especially the unexplained—so today I'm in a bit of a tizzy. Pioneer 10, you see—which left our solar system in 1983—is slowly being drawn back toward the Sun by an unknown force. » 9/19/10 10:00am 9/19/10 10:00am

Goatee-Bearded Evil "You" Could Be Detected By Alpha Magnetic…

The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer is a new attachment that'll soon be bolted onto the International Space Station. It's mission—to detect dark matter and possibly uncover the "anti universe" as made famous by decades of bad sci-fi. » 8/26/10 7:50am 8/26/10 7:50am

Hubble Upgrades Will Give Space Telescope Cosmic Super Vision

The Hubble space telescope, near and dear to we space-loving Gizmodo editors, is about to get tuned-up, courtesy Atlantis. The astronauts are also installing two new gadgets that MSNBC says bestows "superpowers." That's pretty accurate. » 5/10/09 1:00pm 5/10/09 1:00pm