Here's how stunning the night sky would look if there were no lights

I wish we could turn of all the lights in the world just for one night and I wish that all the light pollution would disappear and I wish the darkness would reveal the night sky as it should look. As a stunning and glittering and spinning wonder that'll make me forget about life down here and dream about the beyond. »12/04/14 1:21am12/04/14 1:21am

This Town's Hilltop Mirrors Light It Up With Second-Hand Sunshine

Waking up on a dark winter morning is never fun. But imagine if the sun didn't come up at all. Rjukan, Norway—which is cast into shadow for five months a year—has found a solution. The town is finishing its first winter using a system of mirrors to create an oasis of sunlight during its perpetually dark winter months. »3/10/14 1:20pm3/10/14 1:20pm

Goodbye, Darkness: Light Pollution Is Making Us Forget the Night Sky

Did you know that eight of every ten kids born today won’t experience a night sky dark enough to see the Milky Way? We’re living in an age when light pollution is making stars a rarity—and not just in cities. Paul Bogard, the author of a new book on darkness, even goes so far as to describe it as a natural resource. »7/24/13 4:24pm7/24/13 4:24pm