DARPA Urban Challenge Cars Invading Pentagon Parking Lot

Gizmodo reader Andrew Friend was strolling yesterday through the Pentagon's North Parking back to the office when he noticed the car above, MIT's entry in the DARPA Urban Challenge, which aims to produce a car that can run completely automated in any conditions, without human intervention. He reported today that all… »4/11/08 9:30am4/11/08 9:30am

Watch the DARPA Urban Challenge Final Live, Don't Forget About Us

If you are planning on showing Gizmodo no love this morning, we shall excuse you if you ditch us for the awesome DARPA Urban Challenge. The DARPA Urban Challenge hopes to pursue technologies that may replace humans on the battlefield. Teams enter an unmanned, robotic and autonomous vehicle, which is released in a mock… »11/03/07 9:50am11/03/07 9:50am

Robot Car Crashes Into Manned Vehicle; Where'd You Learn to Drive?

The $3.5 million DARPA Urban Challenge semifinals are underway, and in these qualifying rounds the robot cars are all vying for the right to participate in the actual race on November 3. On this qualifying course, you can see Axion Racing's vehicle, "Spirit," making a pretty dumb move, taking a left turn directly into… »10/30/07 8:55am10/30/07 8:55am