Darwin's Kids Doodled All Over His "Origin of Species" Manuscript

We may have Charles Darwin's children to thank for the surviving handwritten pages of the naturalist's "On the Origin of Species" manuscript. Most of the original 600 pages are lost, and of the 45 pages that exist today, many were repurposed by Darwin's brood of 10 children as art supplies. » 2/12/15 2:44pm 2/12/15 2:44pm

Darwin Manuscripts Evolve From Paper Notes to Online Archive

The manuscripts that later became On The Origin of Species are going online for the first time. The good guys at the Cambridge University library, who were the only people with access beforehand, have put Charles Darwin's notes on his book and another 20,000 archive items online, turning it into one vast… » 4/17/08 9:50am 4/17/08 9:50am