HTC Snap Christened as T-Mobile Dash 3G, Due For Release Sometime Soon

T-Mobile has finally confirmed what the FCC (and its own computers) already told us: the BlackBerry-Bold-inspired HTC Snap, a 3G, Windows Mobile 6.1 QWERTY+trackball followup to the original Dash, is arriving on T-Mobile as a successor to the original Dash. » 6/18/09 9:30am 6/18/09 9:30am

T-Mobile Roadmap Reveals Visual Voicemail, Dash 3G Release Dates

If this image obtained by TmoNews contains correct information, T-Mobile customers will be able to enjoy visual voicemail on July 16th. » 5/05/09 2:39pm 5/05/09 2:39pm

T-Mobile Dash 3G Is HTC Snap, Landing in May

Reading between the FCC lines, it looks like the HTC Snapa Stepford Wives take on the BlackBerry Bold—will be assuming the mantle of T-Mobile's Dash 3G in May. Sans clowns. Hopefully. [FCC via Mobile Roar] » 4/15/09 3:19pm 4/15/09 3:19pm