Terrifying Footage Of Deadly Taiwan Explosion Captured On Dash Cam

A deadly gas explosion in Kaohsiung, Taiwan killed at least 28 people yesterday morning, combusting with enough power to destroy whole city blocks and lift cars onto the roofs of buildings. And now footage has emerged from local cameras, completely with terrifying pillars of fire. » 8/02/14 2:51pm 8/02/14 2:51pm

Say Hello To The Inspirational, Feel-Good Side Of Russian Dash Cams

When you think Russian dash cams, you think of low flying fighter jets, random gunfire, and cows spilling out of trucks. We see so much of it that we think this is normal in Russia. But for all the weird, there is even more good that occurs. Here's a feel-good compilation to start your weekend. » 5/03/13 1:50pm 5/03/13 1:50pm