Mobile Millennium Project is a Poor Man's Traffic-Relaying GPS

On Monday Nokia, NAVTEQ and UC Berkeley will launch the Mobile Millennium project which will use GPS data from thousands of cell phones »11/07/08 9:30pm11/07/08 9:30pm to gather traffic information in the San Francisco Bay Area. By having users relay and access the information, it will enable them to find and avoid traffic congestion, similar to the


Dealzmodo: Dash Express Just $200 in Amazon One-Day Sale

Dash express got a "permanent" price drop to $300 »10/28/08 7:29am10/28/08 7:29am just back in June, but for today only an Amazon Gold Box deal means it'll have $100 shaved off that. Yup: it's just $200. That price has been available for subscribers previously, but not on Amazon. Freakishly good deal, given that we labeled the GPS…

Dash Express GPS Twitter App Tells Whole World Exactly Where You Are, With Google Map Goodness

The Dash Express GPS's API opened up about six weeks ago, and so far Dash says there've been dozens of apps developed since then, most of them in the truly useful category, like weather or speed traps. And then there's a Twitter client. Yes, the Dash will now tweet your exact location to everyone following you,… »6/17/08 5:30pm6/17/08 5:30pm