Xbox 360 Fall Dashboard Update Comes in November

Microsoft's just gone on the record with RPG-TV and said the Fall Xbox 360 Dashboard Update » 8/25/08 5:20pm 8/25/08 5:20pm will be hitting in November, which technically is still a part of Fall. Previous updates have also been released in late November (as close to Winter as you could push it while still being Fall), but all those coming this time…

New Xbox 360 Dashboard Experience Installable On Hacked Xbox 360s

Some leaky monkey at or near Microsoft has just dumped the new Xbox 360 Dashboard "Experience", also known as the fall update, onto the internet. For most of us, this means that that we've got new videos like the one above that illustrate some of the features we didn't get to see at E3. For people who have a hacked » 7/28/08 11:41am 7/28/08 11:41am

Xbox Fall Update Update: Voyeuristic Friends List

Not only does the upcoming Xbox 360 Fall Dashboard Update bring parental timers and downloadable original Xbox games, it's going to allow you to peep in on your buddies' friends list as well. As long as your friends set their list visibility to "Everyone" or "Friends only" (and not "Blocked"), you can see who your… » 11/26/07 4:45pm 11/26/07 4:45pm