This Augmented Reality Dashboard May Save You From Painfully Real Crashes

Currently, my dashboard is used for three things: speedometer checks, radio, and arhythmic hand drumming. Pioneer would like to change that, thank you very much, with a souped-up in-dash augmented reality system that shows you where lanes are, recognizes cars and traffic lights, and even knows the identity of some of… »5/09/11 9:20pm5/09/11 9:20pm

17 Classic Car User Interfaces, Otherwise Known as Dashboards

Sure, your car dashboard »9/10/08 3:40pm9/10/08 3:40pm may have a lot of cool buttons and computer displays, but chances are it lacks something that many classic cars have in abundance. A little something I like to call "style." OObject has put together a list of 17 classic cars (and even one new classic in the Audi TT) that fall into this classy…