How Comcast-TWC Will End Your All-You-Can Internet Buffet

There are broad, sweeping implications for the proposed merger of Comcast and Time Warner Cable. This is not one of them. This is a very specific, fine print change. But for TWC customers—and, eventually, the rest of us—it's going to be the single worst part of the deal. Welcome to broadband data caps! They're here to… » 2/16/14 12:00pm 2/16/14 12:00pm

Why You're Totally Justified in Hating Data Caps

Going over your mobile data cap limit costs more than a long distance phone call from a hotel room and for what? Crossing some invisible line in the sand drawn by your carrier? That's some bullsh*t. Brian Boyko explains exactly why data caps don't so much protect network infrastructure as generate revenue. [Blogphilo] » 1/15/13 4:40pm 1/15/13 4:40pm

Comcast Increases Its Monthly Data Cap from 250GB to 300GB

In a welcome move that Comcast says is due to our changing Internet habits (streaming, streaming, streaming), Comcast is upping its monthly data caps from 250GB to 300GB. Nice! That's definitely less awful. This is the first increase in data cap size since Comcast introduced it back in 2008. » 5/17/12 1:52pm 5/17/12 1:52pm

How Much More the iPad's Superfast 4G LTE Data Will Cost You (Updated)

The new iPad, with its retina display and 4G LTE connectivity, is about to do wonders for your personal entertainment needs. But that much pretty at those speeds could also decimate your data cap. Why? Because nicer visuals means bigger file sizes. Here's how to limit the damage to your wallet. » 3/07/12 5:52pm 3/07/12 5:52pm

Rumor: Sprint Will Offer the iPhone 5 with an Unlimited Data Plan

According to Bloomberg, Sprint will not only sell the iPhone 5, they'll have an unlimited data plan to go with it. If true, it will be huge for Sprint because neither AT&T nor Verizon offer unlimited data anymore. » 9/09/11 10:47am 9/09/11 10:47am

Comcast Offers Up to 200GB of Online Storage But Still Caps Data at…

Comcast—aka Xfinity—has launched an online backup service called Secure Backup & Share. Current high-speed internet customers will get 2GB of storage for free, upgradeable up to 200GB for $100/year. But hey wait—didn't Comcast desperately need to cap data? » 2/19/10 4:55pm 2/19/10 4:55pm

Has Comcast Lowered Their Monthly Usage Limits?

We known for a while that Comcast's "unlimited" broadband is actually not so. The monthly usage limit seemed to be near 300GB before, but reader Ace says that he got a nasty phone call warning him that his usage is in the top one percent of residential plans, and it's pissing on everyone else's internet funtime (unless… » 8/11/08 1:20pm 8/11/08 1:20pm