AT&T Lets You Pay-As-You-Go For Notebook DataConnect Coverage

Instead of signing up for a monthly plan on a notebook data card, AT&T now lets you pay for chunks of data beforehand. Unfortunately, it's really expensive. » 11/23/09 1:59pm 11/23/09 1:59pm

AT&T Adds DataConnect Overage Charges, Pulls Plug on Unlimited Pre-Paid…

Shockingly, AT&T has discovered that *gasp* people are abusing their unlimited pre-paid data service by tapping into it with their laptops. As a result, the plug is being pulled on the $19.99/month option starting on November 12th. AT&T will also place a cap on the legitimate laptop DataConnect plan that works out to… » 10/06/08 11:45am 10/06/08 11:45am