How Much Personal Data Logging Is Too Much?

There's a lot to be said for collecting and storing data about yourself: it can give you a valuable, objective insight into your daily life. But how much is too much? » 2/26/13 5:53am 2/26/13 5:53am

How Data Can Improve Your Life

This week's NYT Magazine cover story, penned by Wired's Gary Wolf, is about people who obsessively collect data on themselves—how much they eat or sleep, how happy they feel, etc. Are numbers the path to a happier life? » 4/30/10 2:20pm 4/30/10 2:20pm

Brando USB Hygrometer and Thermometer: for Predicting Desk Weather?

We like strange USB gadgets: Brando's new gizmo plugs into a USB port and gives you accurate temperature and humidity measurements, on a second-by-second basis, if you like. It even logs the data for you, in a spreadsheet-friendly fashion. So that you can, you know, predict if it's going to rain on your laptop. Maybe… » 3/25/08 7:29am 3/25/08 7:29am