That Unbelievable $19 Unlimited Data/Voice/Text Plan Is Truly Unlimited

Republic Wireless gained some notoriety a few months back for offering a $19/month phone plan for unlimited-ish data, voice and text. The only hang up before was that Republic Wireless limited you on what unlimited truly meant. Not anymore though. Now, unlimited TRULY means unlimited. And it still only costs 19 bucks. » 12/23/11 9:01am 12/23/11 9:01am

Verizon to Announce Unlimited Web $10 Connect Plan

One of our Verizon sources have also told us about a new plan called Connect, which is basically aimed at web-enabled cellphones » 11/07/08 4:45pm 11/07/08 4:45pm, but smartphones. According to him, the Connect option will be available on November 16 and it will be cheaper than the Vcast service, providing with unlimited mobile web for just $10 on…

iPhone Data Plan for Deaf Now Available: $40 a Month

The "near future" for the impending iPhone data plan for the deaf was apparently four months. Dubbed the Text Accessibility Plan for iPhone, it comes with unlimited text messaging, browsing and email. It's now available for new and current iPhone users for $40 a month, though you've gotta clear an eligibility… » 4/29/08 3:47pm 4/29/08 3:47pm

AT&T iPhone Data Plan For the Deaf Coming Soon

Following up on the news that AT&T killed the data-only iPhone plan, an AT&T rep has told us that there was actually no such plan (it was an error on the store's part), but that such a plan will be available in the near future. This means that the hearing-impaired will be able to get a data-only iPhone plan—officially… » 11/30/07 3:18pm 11/30/07 3:18pm

AT&T's International iPhone Data Plan Gives You 50MB For $59, Gouges You Slightly Less Than Before

Instead of gouging you for hundreds of dollars in international iPhone data roaming charges, AT&T is now giving you a Global Data Plan that tacks on $59.99 a month on top of your calling and existing iPhone Data plan and gives you 50MB to play with. After your 50MB is up, you're going to be charged $0.005/KB (which… » 11/02/07 1:36pm 11/02/07 1:36pm