Making Faster Optical "Cables" Using Nothing But Lasers and Air

Pulses of light are the absolute fastest way to transfer data (because nothing's faster than light), but old school fiber optic cables can only go so many places. Scientists have a new idea: use high-powered lasers to make a column of low-density air that can carry a light signal just as well as a normal cable. Yes,… »7/22/14 11:23am7/22/14 11:23am


Corkscrewing Lasers Could Be the Key to Unlimited Bandwidth

Conventional data transmission techniques rely on two-dimensional signals to carry the information down a pipeline, but there's only so much potential bandwidth to go around. There are only so many signals you can pack into a given plane before they begin to overlap and interfere with another. But if we were to add an… »9/25/13 6:00pm9/25/13 6:00pm