The NSA Would Like Your Sewage

When residents of Howard County, Maryland, flush their toilets, their sewage will soon end up at the NSA's new computer center several miles away. Collecting and storing so much data has been generating a whole lotta heat for the NSA—we mean this quite literally—and the agency's now buying treated wastewater to cool… » 1/06/14 9:40am 1/06/14 9:40am

Facebook's Data Center Humidity "Challenge" Was Indoor Rain

In 2011 Facebook reported that their first data center in Prineville, OR had a high humidity issue. Probably not the best condition for servers, sure. But it turns out that wonky temperature controls were actually causing condensation in the data center. Like indoor rain. Like it was literally raining in the server… » 6/09/13 12:00pm 6/09/13 12:00pm

Dell's Tactical Data Center Puts a Server Room In A War Zone

It's not just the bullets that are getting smarter. As the US military pushes for deeper technological integration in its fighting forces, more and more bandwidth and computing power will be needed to keep everything connected. Dell's new self-contained server rooms will turn even the most remote Forward Operating Base … » 7/18/12 11:30am 7/18/12 11:30am

Data Centers Will Be Manned By Engineers Sleeping in These Pods During …

The Olympics is all about grand feats of athletic prowess and endurance demonstrated by its competitors. But for the folks behind the scenes, it's hardly a party. In fact, engineers running data centers around the Olympics will be sleeping in these tiny pods next to their computers the whole time. » 4/12/12 11:40am 4/12/12 11:40am

Apple's New Data Center Is Powered by the Sun

This is Apple's new data center in Maiden, North Carolina. Unlike most power-hungry centers, this won't be gobbling up energy from the grid: it's going to be powered by the sun. If you can't get your products made 100 per cent ethically, at least you can try and be eco-friendly, right? » 2/21/12 6:42am 2/21/12 6:42am

You Can Finally Check Out Apple's Data Center on Google Earth

We already knew what Apple's 500,000sq/ft iCloud data center looked like thanks to some sneaky filming, but if you were to previously type in "6081 Startown Road" to Google Maps, you'd see nothing but green fields. Until now. » 6/01/11 9:06am 6/01/11 9:06am

Old Couple Sells Apple Their House for $1.7million for its iTunes Cloud

When Apple asks to buy your farm, there's your chance to apply the "big corporation tax." The Fulbright family asked for $1.7m when Apple fancied their acre of land adjacent to their iTunes data center in North Carolina. » 10/05/10 6:25am 10/05/10 6:25am