Putting Smart Collars on Wild Animals Will Help Us Predict Their Wild…

Though adding "smart collars" to animals in the wild doesn't do anything for the animal, it helps us humans better understand their habits. Which hopefully means we end up helping the animals. » 8/30/11 3:20pm 8/30/11 3:20pm

Big News: IBM Now Officially Worth More than Microsoft

For anyone who's well-versed in the history of the tech landscape—particularly the 1990s—this is stunning news: IBM is officially worth more than Microsoft. The House that Gates Built is now third in the list of highest market caps in the industry—right behind Big Blue, who's in second. [SAI] » 5/20/11 3:39pm 5/20/11 3:39pm

AT&T-Mo Would Blanket 95% of America In LTE... Someday

Throughout AT&T's T-Mobile acquisition explainer this morning, the number repeated most often was 95%. That's the amount of LTE coverage that execs repeatedly promised their T-Mobile purchase would bring to the US. It's a number that's appealing to consumers—and, AT&T hopes, regulators—but don't get too excited quite… » 3/21/11 8:51am 3/21/11 8:51am

How AT&T-Mo Will Ease NY and SF Network Suffering

According to AT&T exec John Stankey, the long-suffering cities of San Francisco, New York, and Chicago will see the number of available cell sites increase up to 45% when AT&T and T-Mobile get together. Sure, the companies will be cutting some "redundant" cell sites, but one of the first steps in the proposed merger… » 3/21/11 8:36am 3/21/11 8:36am

What Were a U.S. Soldier's Odds of Dying in Each War?

Our perceptions of wars are pushed and pulled by myriad forces—their causes, their outcomes, their places in our national narrative, etc. But on the level of the individual, which was the deadliest? Nicholas Hobbes' Essential Militaria breaks down the stats for eleven historic conflicts: » 3/02/11 11:00am 3/02/11 11:00am

People Upgrade Cellphones Every 18 Months On Average

An interesting consumer spending stat: People upgrade their phones once every 18 months now, up from 16. That's a curious number, possibly averaging out people who upgrade yearly with people who only upgrade when their cellphone contract runs out. Otherwise, I can't see that the majority of folks feel like they need… » 2/25/11 5:19pm 2/25/11 5:19pm

Only 5% Of US Households Don't Own A Microwave

Forty years ago, in 1971, only 5% of US households owned a microwave. Now, in 2011, only 5% don't. I'm still waiting for the anti-microwave, which quickly chills something. [cspinet via Takeapart] » 2/23/11 6:19pm 2/23/11 6:19pm

This Is What the Dying Music Industry Looks Like

Instead of eulogies for a music industry too slow to adapt to the digital age, its mourners should just print up this chart on huge poster boards. And while digital sales are helping staunch the bleeding, as you can see here it's not nearly enough. » 2/18/11 9:00am 2/18/11 9:00am

All The Computers = One Human Brain

It's obviously a guesstimate, but a pair of researchers are saying all the computing power in all the general purpose computers (that's your PC, laptops, etc.) is equivalent to the instructions-per-second an average brain can execute. [Ars via Gawker] » 2/11/11 5:33pm 2/11/11 5:33pm