This Fake Famicom Controller Does Everything But Play Video Games

Despite their games being incredibly outdated by today's standards, anyone who grew up in the '80s has a perpetual soft spot for their first video game console, which, depending on where you're from, is either Nintendo's NES or Famicom. So while this card-reading portable charger from Datel isn't particularly… »1/13/15 12:06pm1/13/15 12:06pm


Datel Lite Blue Tool Hacks the PSP 3000 With a Battery

The Datel Lite Blue Tool looks to be the best option we've got at the moment for hacking the PSP 3000. It's essentially a smart battery that clones Sony lab equipment to put the PSP 2000 and PSP 3000 into Service Mode. From this mode, users are approaching the PSP with the access of a Sony engineer and can load old,… »11/19/08 10:45am11/19/08 10:45am