The Most Unbelievable Part of The Circle? The Architecture.

Dave Eggers' new book The Circle is a creepy tale about a tech company—which is proving to be annoying to people who actually work in tech. It's also overhyped and may have even ripped off another Silicon Valley story. But there's one thing Eggers gets the most wrong in The Circle, according to design critic Alexandra… »11/21/13 5:40pm11/21/13 5:40pm


Vintage Time Travel Posters Shatter Space Time, Harken Back/Forward to Our Favorite Epochs

Dave Eggers' temporally advanced Time Travel Mart in LA ("whenever you are, we're already then!") just released a fantastic poster set that takes on the look and feel of old Pan Am travel ads to hype several of the historical eras we'll all be hitting in our future DeLoreans-Pangaea to run with the dinos, Tokyo 2.0… »7/17/08 5:10pm7/17/08 5:10pm